Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I like NOT being a full time writer

Wait what?

Yup. I said it. There are (a few) things I like about NOT writing full time. I randomly thought of this yesterday while watering flowers. And here are my reasons why.

Writing is NOT my source of income. I work full time as a nurse. And I enjoy it (most of the time). Having a job not related to writing takes any and all pressure off of sales. I don't have to worry about pushing my books, begging for reviews (honestly, it kinda annoys me when I see authors asking over and over and over for people to write reviews because it helps sales), or writing in the 'hot' genre in hopes of getting my name out there. I know how hard it is for many authors to financially make it. And I don't want to make it seem like I'm all about money, but it's kinda hard not to in this day and age. I like NOT worrying about bills and having the means to go out and do fun things. And this ties in with reason number two...

I write because I want to. I LOVE writing. Not having the pressure to write to pay the bills makes me enjoy writing even more. It never feels like a job to me. I write because I want to.

It's great stress relief. When I've had a long day at work, coming home and being able to write is always something to look forward to.

Not a long list, I know, but it's enough to make me grateful (on some days) to have another job. But there are many, many days when I think that staying home in my jammies or sitting out in the sun with my laptop beats getting dressed and being on my feet for 8 or 9 hours. And now that our daughter will be here in a matter of days or weeks (PLEASE be days!!) being able to be a stay at home mom who also writes full time sounds very appealing.

So maybe someday I will hang up my stethoscope and sit at the keyboard full time, and I'd be very happy about that. Though, I really do like being a nurse. I like taking the time to help people. I like making people feel better. I like knowing that taking care of a patient in turn takes care of their families, and just that little 'thank you for taking care of my dad/mom/brother/sister/wife' is more than worth it. Maybe someday I will write a post on all the reasons I love being a full time writer. Only time will tell. :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More on Contagious...

I'm still getting tons of questions from readers about the status of the books and why they are no longer available. So, here is another quick update about the books.

In April, I signed a contract with Permuted Press and this series is no longer a self published series. That means that the publishing house is the one who has control over release/re-release dates, covers, editing, and what the book description on Amazon/B&N/any other book seller says.

I have not been given specific dates on anything yet. Once I get those dates, I will definitely share.

Traditionally published books tend to take longer to become available than self published books. Trad publishing houses have TONS of other authors to work with. When I self published the books, I only had to work with myself...if that makes sense.

I've also been asked many times if there is a way I can speed up the release dates. And the answer is no; I've done all I can. My only suggestion would be to let Permuted Press know how anxious/excited you are for the books so they will see that a lot of people are waiting! (Myself included!)

There seems to be some confusion about whether or not this is a series or a trilogy. What started as a 3 book trilogy has changed into a 4 books saga/series/whatever you want to call it. I decided to do this BEFORE I signed with Permuted since the books grew into so much more than I originally anticipated. I haven't changed the name on my FB fan page b/c FB only lets you change a page name once and I had been (for quite a while) debating on whether or not I should keep pages for each series or combine them into one author page. I just sent in the change request to FB to make the CT page into a general author page. I suck at running pages. Having three just doesn't work for me. Having one general page would be easier to run and it would allow all the CT fans to see more giveaways and free book promotions. If the change request gets accepted, nothing will really change except the name of the page.

And lastly, I keep getting asked when the movie/TV series is coming out. As much as I'd love that I have info about it, I have no idea how to push that idea into action either. The best way to get a series turned into a movie/TV series is to tell your friends about the books and get as many people as possible to read the books! The more popular the books become, the more likely it will be on the big (or small) screen! And I understand that promoting books that aren't available is hard. Trust  me, I know on this one! ;)

Of course I want to thank all my readers. The Contagium Series would not be what it is today if it wasn't for you!! I am considering writing some novellas to put out for you guys to read while waiting for the books to come out. I think Hayden and Dr. Cara would be interesting! The novellas would be short (under 45K) and would tell the characters' tales of how they got to the compound and a little about what life was like for them before the virus. Who would you like to read about??