Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reaper Betas

I just sent out a ton of emails to people who offered to beta read. So THANK YOU to any one who offered. If you emailed me or left a comment and HAVEN'T heard from me, email/comment again. I tried not to miss any emails/comments, but I know it is possible.

And if you'd still like to beta read, email/comment as well! A month and one week until this is out...ekk! I feel it's coming along great! And about 90% of the feedback I've gotten from betas has been consistent, which makes things easier on my end!

I'm sending it to the editor tomorrow so there is still lots of time to fix grammar/spelling mistakes before the launch day. I have a photoshoot this weekend for the covers! I'm kinda stoked right now!!!

Doesn't this look like it could be Anora's house??

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Update

September 14th is my birthday. This particular bday was extra special because my niece was born that day! She gets to share her birthday with her crazy Aunt Emily! :) We needed more Virgos in the family. So 'yay' for healthy babies and fun upcoming bday parties!

Did I ever mention that I hate editing? I do. Well, not entirely hate it, but it's not the most fun thing in the world. I do kinda enjoy deciding on what to leave or cut from my works. Is that weird? I don't know...probably a little lol. So, I've been editing my little heart out. 

If you haven't gotten an email from me yet and you emailed me about beta reading, don't worry. I will get back to you, I'm waiting to send out a 'round two' of Reaper after I've made some corrections. (Email me if you want to beta read!) It should hopefully be within the next week or two. 

I'm getting a ton of crap put together. (Finally) Around Halloween, I should hopefully have tons of stuff to giveaway. I have a new admin on my GL facebook page, so it will be fun to get that page up and running again. I've been neglectful :( I'm just not good at managing pages, I suppose. Unbound was edited and a lot of changes/fixes were made. I am going to have a re-release party and give away all sorts of fun stuff. If anyone has any ideas of what would be fun to get in a giveaway, let me know! 

DC is being looked at by an editor and some changes will be made. Nothing to the plot-don't worry- just in the flow and stuff like that. I'll post about it sometime in the near future...there's a lot to discuss in regards to DC and TCT in itself. 

I'm excited to get things polished and in tip-top shape. I wish I had done that in the beginning, but I know I can't change the past (duh). I've lived and learned and have grown from my mistakes. I had no idea what all was involved in being Indie, and now that I do, I feel I can offer so much more. Again, if I had known all along what I know now, things would have been easier. I refuse to dwell and feel regret over it. I'm excited to move forward and give you guys the best!

Oh, and I want to say congrats to Samantha Young (a self pubbed author) for her success! On Dublin Street is currently the #1 bestseller on!! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reaper is done! Beta readers needed!

Technically, I finished the MS last week. I had to go through and re-read plus make a few changes. But it's done!! :) It's longer than I thought it would be: 135,000 words. I'm always worried that my books are too long, which is weird, I suppose. I just like to write and have thick plots lol. But's done. I've been working on Reaper and then putting it aside for almost a year now.

And I feel very proud that this will be my fifth book I've written an published in a year. I published Unbound at the end of October (the 24th, I think). I cannot believe how fast the time as gone since then. And I cannot believe how much I've learned about being an author since then! I knew nothing about publishing, marketing, editors, the importance of cover art last year. I'm glad I went through it the hard way; I think it makes me more appreciative of what I've accomplished now, but I also wish I had gone into it knowing what I know now. I definitely took the plunge without looking into everything that goes into publishing. Live and learn, right?

I always feel a little sad when I finish a book. Reaper wasn't so bad because it is in a series and I will be able to spend time with Anora and Ethan later in the next book (plus like 5 after that; I have plans for this to be a long series). Writing TIC will be bittersweet. I'm so excited to get back to Orissa, Hayden, and the zombies but at the same time I don't want to write the end because that means it's over. It's like finishing a good book. You're glad you read it but sad it's over. For me, it's worse when I write because I am so incredibly attached to my characters.

Anyway, I need beta readers for Reaper. I'm looking for content beta readers who can pick the story apart and be brutally honest. I think beta reading is fun because it gives you a chance to voice what you want to happen/not happen or see more/less of in a novel and actually have a chance to see it changed that way. I take everything my betas have to say seriously.

So, if you'd like to beta read, leave your email address below and I will email you. Or, you can email me at Just put 'beta reader' in the subject line; a lot of fan email gets sent to my junk mail and I won't know it's not junk unless it has a specific subject line!

And thanks in advance; I appreciate the hell out of you guys who beta read!!!