Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whohoo, it's done!

So, yeah. I finally finished STAY. The novel I've been working on for-freaking-ever. I'm this excited.

I think I wrote chapters one and two before Amelia was born and one scene that comes later. It might have added up to around 5K words. Not very much, I can say that for certain. It was an easy book to write in the way the story came to me. The subject matter was difficult to write at time and I had to take a break. (The novel is about human trafficking, FYI.) Writing about horrible things happening to people in paranormal/zombie books is hard to do too. But that's a type of fiction that isn't likely to happen. (Never mind the fact that I have canned food surreptitiously hidden in a box marked 'Christmas decorations' so no one will take my provisions in the ZA…) 

What I mean is that human trafficking DOES happen. It IS happening. I was shocked to learn that people are sex trafficked in my our county. There was a pretty large bust in a near by town not that long ago. Around 30 girls were involved. 30 innocent girls. It's so scary. The things that were done to them were so horrible. STAY is inspired by these true events. I hated what I put my characters through but I wanted this book to be realistic. Several times I had to close my computer and turn on something funny to get my mind off being kidnapped and raped. Adeline (the MC) goes through so much. I got sucked into her head (like I always do when I write) and felt her emotions. Hence the break needing. 

But the HARDEST part was finding time to write with a newborn!! I wrote the majority of this book in the wee hours of the night after Amelia was in bed. I'm looking forward to taking the rest of the week off from (full time) writing and going to bed at a decent hour!
So what's next? Well, the manuscript is getting a read through by the editor. Once major changes have been made, I will enlist the help of betas. In the mean time, I am working on a Contagium character novella and then I am starting the FINAL Contagium novel. 

I'm excited and sad to start this book. Orissa and Hayden have been a huge part of my life for the last two years (holy shit, it's been that long??) and I'm sad to finish their story. This book is going to be long, and it's going to be epic. Not everyone will make it to the end. It's going to be heart breaking and exciting, and suspenseful, and…
I can't handle it. I might cry at the end. Seriously. Though, I was discussing this with a friend recently and I might consider writing another full length novel from Hayden's point of view that starts with him getting off the plane and discovering that the world has gone to shit. It would be fun to write about how he came to the compound, met up with his buddies, and see just why Fuller favors him so much. So knowing that I CAN write more Contagium if I want to helps. Just a little. 

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