Thursday, August 15, 2013

Author Hate

Several years ago, I read Once Dead Twice Shy by Kim Harrison. It was one of the first books that I read about reapers and angels. (It's a really good book! I love the whole mini-series) After finishing those books, I went on to read and devour any other reaper/angel book I could find. So, I could say that thanks to Kim, I discovered that I like the whole angel/reaper story line and discovered a whole bunch of new authors who write in those genres.

Which is why I seriously do not understand 'author hate'. What is author hate? It's my own term for when authors bash other authors, refuse to support other authors, and/or try to hurt another author's ratings. I've seen this happen way more than it should (which is never) and it makes zero sense to me.

As an author who started out self publishing, I am very supportive of other Indie authors, especially those just starting out. I remember how hard and confusing it was to break into the book world and I honestly enjoy helping others get started. I have no problem whatsoever with promoting other authors and being a fan of others' work. I am a reader as much as a writer, and I enjoy sharing when I find a really good book.

So why do some authors feel like other authors are competition? I wish I knew the answer to that because then maybe all this hate would make sense. Though...does anything that has to do with hating ever make sense? No, it doesn't. The thing that confuses me the most is that readers do NOT read one book (lets just say it's a vampire series), enjoy it, and never read another vampire book ever again. In fact, the opposite happens.After a reader finished and loved that series they are MORE likely to go out and buy and read books similar to that vamp series.

To me, it only makes sense for writers of the same genres to support each other. I've never met a reader who said, "well, I read ONE good witch book, I'm not going to read any other books with witches in them." I know I'm not the only one who discovered a wonderful treasure of a book from searching for books similar to one I read, loved, and finished.

Now, the bashing, gossiping, and writing the fake, bad lame and pathetic. I don't even want to get into this topic too much because it makes me angry. To me, nothing screams insecurity and/or jealousy more than belittling someone. No one has ever reached success by putting others down. It just doesn't work that way. Not only is purposely trying to hurt someone morally wrong, it's a really, REALLY dumb business tactic. If (and usually when) the hater gets caught, readers become turned off to that author, even if their books are great.

My advice: support each other! As with everything in life, things are much easier if we all get along and act civil to one another. Be jealous but keep you comments to yourself. And remember, if you support other authors, they are more likely to support you back.

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