Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I've been a bad author

*Sighs* I know. I admit it. I've been bad. I haven't written a good post in long time and I haven't been on my FB pages as much as usual either. My excuse of course is that I've been busy. I started a new job in May and have been working way more than I thought I would. It has been good experience as a nurse, but I am looking forward to cutting back a bit to focus on writing more.

And then of course there is our daughter, Amelia. She is due in exactly 35 days from today! She had been very distracting but I'd say she's more than worth it :) I'm not usually an OCD prepper-type person, but for some reason since I've become pregnant I've felt compelled to get everything put together perfectly and way ahead of time. So now everything is done, set up, and ready. I've had our hospital bags packed since the beginning of June, just in case.

Not much has happened book-wise in the last month. I finished Contagious Chaos and turned it into the editor on June 1st. As far as the whole Contagium series goes, I'm still waiting for dates and such from Permuted Press. I do know that they are doing something with the audio books and the covers were started. I was able to provide the custom Orissa pics I had taken so I was happy about that!

I started a new book and am about maybe 35% done with it already. It is a contemporary book and it's not some secret project, I just don't have a name or blurb for it to post about yet. I suck at coming up with those so it probably won't be for a while. I've never broken away from the fantasy/horror fiction world, so writing contemporary fiction is both fun and challenging. This story is based on another weird dream I had and it's coming together very smoothly. I love when I start a book that is easy to write. Everything is coming together naturally and I've been able to make really good progress when I actually find the time to sit down and write. There are some darker scenes in this book that are difficult to write just b/c of the subject matter. And I'm no stranger to horrible situations. That's where I think writing fantasy/horror and something like this are different.

Horror you WANT to make things terrible and gory and scary. You know it's coming, even when you love your characters dearly and want to wrap them up in soft blankies and keep them warm and safe. It's expected in horror. People die. And usually they die in awful ways.

But in this book, things are based off of current events and I don't want to have bad things happen because that means they happen in real life. While the words are a work of fiction from my odd little mind, the truth behind them is real. The seriousness of the situation is real. It's something we SHOULD fear. Anyway, that's how it is to me at least. Hopefully it makes sense to someone else too.

Here is Amelia's room :) The closet took forever to organize but it's finally done and ready for her to make her debut! 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hope everything goes well. Amelia is a beautiful name. The nursery looks amazing!

    Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven