Sunday, June 16, 2013


It just occurred to me that I haven't written a post in a long time and I haven't been on my FB pages much with updates. But I didn't think it had been almost a month since I wrote anything on here! As usual, I've been really busy with life. I started a new nursing job and have been working a lot  more hours than I expected. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a nurse and the experience has been awesome (I've learned a LOT of new things at the new job) but it def takes time away from writing and book stuff in general. And of course I've been busy getting everything ready for the arrival of our first baby, who is expected to be here in just 6 more weeks! Time is starting to go soooo slow now. I just want her here! :)

Anyway, with all that going on, not too much much has happened in my world of books. I did finish Contagious Chaos and turned it into the editor. I have no idea when I will start working on it. I've been told that books one and two will be redone first, and I'm still waiting for specific dates for that. The covers were started, but I haven't seen anything either, so I can't really update on that. I'm very impatient and I know you guys are waiting! I really like the third book and I think it has the most action so far. Only 25% of it takes place at the compound, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a bit of that gets cut out once it's gone through by the editors.

I started a new book and am about 1/4 done with it already. It's contemporary and the first non-fantasy book I've written. I don't have a blurb for it yet, but once I do I will post a little more about it as well as an excerpt. Being my first contemporary book, I want quite a few test readers to go through it before I post much about it, honestly. It's been fun writing so far but it's way out of my comfort zone and norm. It's a fun challenge, that's for sure!

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