Sunday, March 31, 2013

Contagium Celebration Giveaway!

This year has so far proven to be a great year. I passed my state boards, got my first job as a nurse, signed the Contagium Series with a great publisher and I will be having our first baby in July! :) I definitely think this calls for a little celebration, and what better way to spread the cheer with a zombie-filled giveaway?

I am still waiting for a few of the prizes to come in the mail, and once they do I will update with a picture. 

This contest will have two winners of 'zombie survival kits' filled with:
  • Signed print book (Contagious or Deathly Contagious)
  • Signed custom book mark
  • Signed mini poster
  • Contagium key chains
  • Hayden's dog tags
I also want to say a quick thank you to the fans who nominated the series for Horror Fan's Asylum's first ever Author of the Year contest. The contest runs April 1-16th and is open to fan votes. If you think the books deserve to win, click here and cast your vote! My 'author day' is April 5th and I will be posting quotes and teasers from book 3 and giving away book marks all day!! 

Again, thank you everyone. Have fun and good luck! 

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  1. I think a machete cause its quite

  2. A machete....two of them...Idk I just loved them right now!!

  3. Katana, or a shaska. Or a Benelli M4.

  4. I would like something like a sword or a good heavy bat w/nails on it as spikes would be great!
    so excited to do this thing on Friday! I only hope I will make you happy!? congrats on many accomplishments!

  5. ak47 for herds and a compound bow for quiet work

  6. A sword I think. It would have to be something I could swing because my wrists are in too bad a shape to stab anything and I can't aim a gun to save my life!!! Plus I think Michonne in the walking dead kicks so much butt!!!!

  7. Compound bow, machete, sawed off shotgun :)