Thursday, January 10, 2013

Name the book!

I think by now everyone has heard that I had plans to make The Contagium Trilogy into a series. And just for the record-I am! I'm very excited about this; I'm not ready to be done writing about Hayden and Orissa's adventures! I've written about half of it and have the first 1/4th proof read and beta read by a few awesome betas. I will be working on writing tomorrow and spending all of Saturday doing edits so I can try and get the ball really rolling on this one. I'm seeing if sending the book out to the betas in 1/4ths will make things easier for me. Sometimes I feel that editing takes longer than actually writing the book.

The last book in the series is going to be called The Truth is Contagious because it is about how the virus started and the characters finally learning the truth behind it all. So, I do not have a name for the third book. So, that's where you guys come in! :) I love interacting with fans and readers, so I thought asking you all to help name the book would be fun!

I don't have a blurb for this book yet (I suck at those!) so I'll sum it up quickly. Basically, this book showcases the best and worst of humanity and that terrible times bring out qualities in people-even those once considered friends- that will shock and surprise you. It's about the drastic things people will do to survive at the expense of others and how hard it is to not get caught up in the harrowing world and lose yourself. And of course there are tons of zombies!

The winner will be named in the book's acknowledgments and will get an autographed print copy at least one week before the book is released, a free digital copy, and an autographed bookmark. 

-The title has to contain the word "Contagious" in it somewhere.  
-The naming contest will stay open for the rest of January. I will pick my favorites and post them, allowing you guys to make the final vote on which title you like best.

I'd like to take a minute to thank you guys-the readers- for your enthusiasm about the book. And thank you for being so patient while I was in school. I had no idea it would be so difficult to write and be in school. Trust me, I am working as hard and fast as I can! :)

*It will be so much easier for me to keep track of the titles if they are posted in the comments under this post. I know a lot of people like to comment on FB-and that's ok too-but it's just easier to refer back to a post than sort through my FB statuses*


  1. The Contagious Fallen. I suck at naming books, but I had to at least try. LOL.

  2. Everything is Contagious

    Can't wait to read it!

  3. Contagious Alliance... I dont know but i can wait to see what the winner is!

  4. Courageously contagious, wildly contagious or catching the contagium

  5. Contagious Prescription
    Kill the Contagious
    Lies are Contagious

  6. Irrevocably contagious
    Habitually contagious
    Perseverance is contagious
    Knowledge is contagious

  7. Insidiously Contagious
    Deceitfully Contagious
    Deceptively Contagious
    Perilously Contagious
    Stealthily Contagious
    Persistence is Contagious
    Desperation is Contagious
    Misery is Contagious
    Hope is Contagious
    Malice is Contagious
    Death of the Contagious
    Decimate the Contagious
    Death to the Contagious
    To Be Contagious

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  10. Surviving is contagious
    Contagious lies
    Contagious friends
    Contagious depths/ the depths of contagium

  11. Zombies are contagious
    Contagious life
    Deciet is contagious / contagious deciet / deciet of the contagious
    Contagious paths
    Contagious choices

  12. Contagious thoughts
    Contagious ends
    Contagious times
    Fear is contagious
    Contagious minds

  13. LIVIN is Contagious.

    LIVIN is a way of life or a state of mind, its a refusal to fail and live like the ordinary, destroying standards people have set for you whether its work, school, sports, love/sex life or just life in general, its making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way without a care for what obstacles may be in the way

  14. Virally Contagious
    Forever Contagious
    Contagious Death
    Hopelessly Contagious

    I'll see if i can come up with any more. It's surprisingly hard!!! ^_^
    Thanks Emily!!! ^_^

  15. Betrayal Is Contagious or Contagious Betrayal...
    ...because you said that it brings out bad qualities and what not from people you had once called a friend.

  16. Envy is Contagious
    Hatred is Contagious
    Horribly Contagious
    Grimly Contagious
    Ghastly Contagious
    Scorn is Contagious
    Despisal is Contagious
    Vindictively Contagious
    Venomously Contagious
    Ruthlessly Contagious

  17. Tragically Contagious
    Disturbingly Contagious

  18. These are all awesome suggestions!!! I can't wait to pick out my favorites and let the voting begin!! There are still a few more days left to get your title in :)

  19. I've been thinking of title for book three and these are what I came up with:
    Treason's Contagious
    Deceiving's Contagious
    Havoc is Contagious
    Carnage is Contagious
    The Night is Contagious

  20. Humanity is contagious
    Love is contagious
    Hope is contagious
    No longer contagious
    Forever contagious
    Contagious immunity

    I really am not sure what you are basing the second book on, whether it is the virus clearing up? Or people figuring out what caused it. Either way, I hope that if non of my suggestions work, that you can find a suitable title in all these others. My personal favorite honestly is survival is contagious...its pretty good :)

    1. I realize now just how totally screwed up my comment was lol. I know its the third book, I messed that up, and I also forgot that you had briefly described the third book. Ive been a little out of sorts lately with my move to Okinawa, but I still think my book names still makes sense lol.