Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview with Candy Smith

Through the amazing Tamara Beard who runs The Indie Shop (this girl is awesome and can help you with anything!), I got a chance to participate in her Bloggers Love Bloggers tour. Today I am interviewing book blog reviewer Candy Smith, who runs the blog Purple Shadow Hunter. I have never interviewed anyone before; I had fun coming up with questions. Here they are:

1.)  Is your blog URL Purple Shadow Hunter inspired by a book? If not, how did you come up with it?
Purple of favorite color and yes I shadow hunter was inspired by one of my favorite series: TMI Series

2.) What is your preferred genre to read?
I prefer YA Paranormal Romance or Christian Thriller

3.) If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring what book, what book would you bring?
So this might sound cheesy but it is the truth, I would bring The Bible because no matter how many times I read it it still brings me inspiration

4.) If you could live in any book, which one would you pick and why?
Hhmm..that is a hard one. So many great books to live in but I think I would live in Morganville Vampire Series. It has vampires (always plus), action, and a little romance. Also, it is never dull in Morganville eventhough it is small town.

5.) How do you find time to balance going to school and managing a book review blog?
I have to say it has been difficult but I read and blog at night when my kids are sleeping or when I have free time on the weekends.

6.) What made you want to start your blog?
I love reading and wanted a place I could support and promote the authors I love. It is also a place where I can control what is written and express myself freely.

7.) Could you survive a week without coffee?
Absolutely NOT! Truth be told, on top of the fact that I love the taste of coffee, I am addicted to it and if I miss even a day without coffee I get a massive headache. I hate headaches.

8.) What three things would you want with you during a zombie apocalypse? 
My daughter started the whole zombie apocalypse craze in my house so naturally I went to her with this question. She said definitely the quarter gun that she has in Resident Evil. I think I would agree with that one. Plus I would make sure I had enough food and water to hold me out for like a year. The third thing would be books because I would be hold up in a shelter somewhere praying I don’t ever get discovered by the zombies, so I would need books to keep me from getting bored.~ I know these are kinda of lame I probably wouldn’t survive long in a zombie apocalypse.

9.) What is your favorite food?
Pizza and chocolate (not together though)

10.) Which would you rather have as a pet: a dragon or a transformer?
I have to say transformer because I've been a transformer fan since I was young and who wouldn’t love to own a cool looking talking car that can transform to fight your enemies.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you check out Candy's blog! She posts a lot of good reviews, author interviews, and has reading challenges! And a special shout out to Tamara for putting this all together!!

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