Saturday, October 6, 2012


I was talking to someone today, who recently made a pretty big mistake. They acted out of anger and were facing some pretty serious consequences because of it. We got to talking about making mistakes in life in general, and how it's easy to get mad at yourself for something you've done (or didn't do...that can be just as bad if not worse). I'm sure everyone has at least one thing they wish they could undo. I know there have been time when I wished I had a rewind button on my life.

Of course, that will never happen. I told that person that instead of dwelling on our mistakes, we should learn from them. Learn how it made you feel and how not to do it again. It's such simple (and a bit cliche) advice. But it's so true.

You might be wondering how this relates to my blog right now. Now, I don't really feel like I've done things wrong when it comes to being an Indie author or anything, but there were things I definitely could have done better. Way better. My biggest mistake is putting too much on my plate. I set release dates and had to rush to get things done. I don't think my story line suffered, but the editing did. With trying to stick with the set dates, I cut my editing time in half. Yes, that is a big mistake. One I will not make again.

I also try to edit one book while working on another, which doesn't work out as well as I'd like. If I wasn't in school, it would probably be no problem. But I need to face reality and admit that my school work takes up a lot of time and I need to slow down.

So, I will no longer be setting release dates until the book is almost complete. I had hoped to have TIC done by the end of the year. While I might be done writing the book by then, I do not see it being edited and ready for publication in only 2 months. And for that, I'm truly sorry. I feel like I'm letting you guys down. I'd rather take the extra time and write a really good book with better editing than rush through it. I don't know why I set two release dates within two months of each other to begin with...(Reaper is 10/31 and TIC was supposed to be 12/21)

 I'm having everything previously published re-edited/content revised too. Unbound is 100% done (professionally-yay!) and has a new cover. I think about 4,000 words got taken out of it, cleaning it up and making the story just better. Reaper is in the works now too, and will be ready for it's original release date of Halloween.

To celebrate the uh, better-ing?? of my books., I am having giveaways! I love giveaways but I never really knew good ways to go about doing them or what to give away. The awesome, amazing, Loir from Contagious Reads is helping me with everything (did I say she's awesome!) I'll post about it here, but check the FB pages for details. So far I have signed books, ebooks, book marks, and charm bracelets.

So, yes, I've made mistakes. I've learned the hard way. I've learned that I have limits, even though I don't want to believe it. And I want to take a second to thank all my readers. I appreciate the hell out of you guys. :)

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