Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let the voting begin!

I made two book trailers for Contagious. I didn't know how to add moving film at first (shameful...I know lol) but then I figured it out. So, I don't know which trailer is better. Since you guys are so awesome, I'll let you vote on which one you like better! The one with the most votes wins! (The beginnings are the same, FYI)

Option One:

And Option Two: 

If there are any suggestions, let me know! I can still change things. Thanks in advance for helping me choose!

Also, my blog has surpassed 10,000 views by a couple hundred. I don't check my views that often so it was a happy surprise to see those numbers this morning! :)  


  1. I like 1 better but like smoke in 2

  2. I think I actually prefer the first one. The smoke is cool, but I liked the pics you chose in the first one.

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  4. The first one, definitely! When it says "the great depression" and shows that old house and the inside ruination of it, well it speaks volumes. It speaks depression and ruin. Very powerful!

  5. The first one is awesome, they both are pretty good though! :)