Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reaper Betas

I just sent out a ton of emails to people who offered to beta read. So THANK YOU to any one who offered. If you emailed me or left a comment and HAVEN'T heard from me, email/comment again. I tried not to miss any emails/comments, but I know it is possible.

And if you'd still like to beta read, email/comment as well! A month and one week until this is out...ekk! I feel it's coming along great! And about 90% of the feedback I've gotten from betas has been consistent, which makes things easier on my end!

I'm sending it to the editor tomorrow so there is still lots of time to fix grammar/spelling mistakes before the launch day. I have a photoshoot this weekend for the covers! I'm kinda stoked right now!!!

Doesn't this look like it could be Anora's house??

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