Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who are you?

I saw another author post about this a few days ago and it got me thinking (uh oh...). In my 3 series, I have a broad range of main characters but they all have one thing in common and that is they are tough. It's my own personal pet peeve about leading ladies, so I think it is very safe to say that all of my MCs will be tough, strong, independent women (if they happen to be women of course). I am NOT a fan of the whiny, can't-live-without-my-boyfriend (who you just met-that's not love!) type girls.

Whenever I end up having kids, I want them to grow up knowing that having a boy/girlfriend doesn't define you. Your actions define you, not whoever you're going out with. And I'm not knocking love or relationships or anything. I'm very happily married and my husband is my best friend and the love of my life. But there is more to me than who I am married to. That is my main point.

Like usual, I'm drifting away from my main topic here...I've been asked this question many, many times. People are always curious to know out of all of my characters, which one is based off of me?

The answer: none of them.

Unfortunately, the last time I checked I was not a powerful witch, a mermaid, or a badass zombie-hunter. I love my life and everyone in it, no one would want to read a book if I was the MC. It would be rather boring and a big chunk of it would involve me sitting in front of a computer, typing and wasting time on FB. Oh, last night I did stay up till 12:30 sewing a tavern wench costume! And today I went to the dentist...see my point? Lol...my characters have traces of who I am in them, which is something I have a hard time separating since I am writing...if that makes sense.

The character I am least like would definitely be Orissa. She was fun to write because of that. I'm no saint when I talk, but I don't drop the f-bomb as much as Riss does. I feel guilty about pretty much everything, very unlike Riss. I'd consider myself shy and I'm not a fan of crowds. Plus I hate being the center of attention. Orissa has qualities that I do (like being loyal to her friends) and I hope that I'd be able to fight off zombies if I'm every faced with them :) The most illegal thing I've ever done was trespass while ghost hunting. I don't like getting in trouble and I definitely don't wish to be a 'bad girl' and want recognition from it.

Even if I can relate to a character, they are still not based off of me. I like my leading ladies to have dark hair, but I don't imagine them looking like me. At all. I just prefer brunette over blonde. I've been asked that one before too!

Now, there are some other characters that are either named after or inspired by friends. Laney, from the GL series, is based off of my friend, A, who is hilarious and awesome and is just a great character. But she isn't A, she's just similar to her. Another friend helped develop Raeya's character.

I would never actually base a character off of someone, because I'm sure at some point, that character might do something the based person might not like. And then there would be a problem, and I don't like problems.

I think a lot of stories are inspired by true events (movies too) in the writer's life. There have been many times in my life that something funny/scary/sad has happened and I thought "this would make a good scene/plot/book/whatever". But from there I would most likely make it more interesting or dramatic.

I do like naming characters after real people. To me, it's like a 'thank you, you're a good friend' thing and a way to show it. Plus its fun for me and the person to be able to say they 'are a character' in my book. But be warned...if you piss me off, I'll write you in my next novel as a gummy ;)

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  1. I too like strong independent women. I have not yet met the characters in your other books, only Orissa from the Contagium series. To me you look like I picture she does and you are brave in that you go to school and write too, and do many other things. Since you say your other characters who are women in your other books are strong also I may attempt to read them too.
    I am finding that another think I really dislike about some of the women characters in the books I am reading is that they are guilt ridden. I get being guilt ridden when people you love die and you couldn't save them, I do. But some of these women really do seem willing to run into the face of death to save someone right now rather than make a plan or even realizing that no plan exists right now. Anyway, Rissa may be my favorite female character right now so I am a bit afraid I might have to add some of your other female characters to the list with her. I am fully into zombies right now, I feel like vampires and angels (totally not into ghosts) are going backwards but....maybe....
    Well, thank you for Orissa and I am (im)patiently waiting for more adventures.