Thursday, August 30, 2012

My first vlog!

I've debated for a while now about doing a blog. They are getting more and more popular, and they are pretty fun to watch. I put it off because I'm a little camera shy (unless I'm in a costume lol) and I really didn't know what to say that I felt was worth watching. So, I have some questions from readers that I addressed here. I hope you find this at least a little entertaining! lol (And I love the face youtube froze it at...haha. I don't know how to fix that lovely expression...I assumed it would show me at the very beginning. Even I don't know what I'm saying there.)


  1. I told you I would watch it!
    You did great. No reason to be nervous. :)

  2. Emily you are so NOT a nerd. That was really neat and I thank you for taking the time to give a piece of you. I just love all of your books and I find it super cool to know about the girl who writes them. And dont worry I'm the nerd who would rather stay home on Friday nights to read your books so if ever you need a pal to just sit with on Friday nights when you write I am so there. We can be nerds together. One reads the other writes;)

  3. Thanks for a little bit of access behind the scenes, if you will. Very interesting...

  4. You did a great job! As i told you on facebook you are a talented writer and your books inspired me to work on my own again! Somewhere within a full time sales job, two kids, and managing a family i will write it, lol. Which leads me to two questions for you. 1.) Is there any way i could beta read for you? 2.) When iget a first draft done of the book would you be willing to read it and give me some insight?

    1. Yes to both! :) When I'm ready for beta readers for Reaper, I will post about it. It should be soon, like tomorrow or Tuesday

  5. Emily I totally get what your saying when you say it's hard to explain how you get inspiration to write! To me it comes at random moments but most of the time I'm either at school or doing something so I can't write it down....which ends up bugging me the whole day!
    Love the vlog by the way!

  6. Wow Thanks for your look into your series. You did an absolutely amazing vlog...