Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lori, this is for you :)

It's no secret that I love ferrets. I have five (yikes!) and I would gladly take in more. Before I'm labeled a hoarder, I should say that all but one of my ferrets are rescues. I bought my first ferret back in 2007, when I worked at a pet store. I had never really had any ferret experiences and I thought they were just the cutest little things. After doing a ton of research (I'm big on learning about animals BEFORE you get's called being responsible) I bought Romeo for a bday present for myself.

A few months later, our local animal shelter got a call that someone moved and left 8 ferrets behind. I wanted a buddy for Romeo, so I got Elvis. A few months after that, Spike became part of the ferret family. He was taken away from his mother before he was weaned. By the time I got him, I doubted his survival. I had to hand feed him multiple times a day for a month, but he made it!

Then, this past November, someone dumped two ferrets off in front of a pet store. And that is how Peeta and Petunia came to live with us! :) I'm very lucky to have a 'ferret room' in my barn (it has wood floors, is heated and air conditioned) that enables me to easily have multiple ferrets. I really hope that someday I have the means to open a ferret shelter. 

If you've read Unbound, you know that Anora has a ferret named Romeo. In Deathly Contagious, Dr. Cara's ferret, Petunia makes an appearance. Here are some pictures of my little fuzzies. They look dirty (Peeta especially!) because they were playing outside before their photo shoot. Ferrets love to dig and tunnel.



Petunia, Elvis, & Peeta


Romeo, Petunia, & Peeta


Romeo, again

Spike and Peeta

The 'family photo' didn't work...Elvis kept walking away


  1. LOL. They are great! Also it makes me sad when people get pets and don't do the research first. No pet is "easy" to care for. I don't care if it's a "pocket pet" or a pit bull. All take time, money, and love. I don't think I could handle a white one like Spike though. Everytime I have played with them at the pet store they are so cute and fun. I just need to remember that and not let the my one bad experience with them creep me out!

    1. Spike is completely albino. The red eyes are sorta creepy lol. He's really sweet, I promise! I think the dark ones Romeo and Petunia are the cutest, IMO :)

  2. Aww I wish I had played with these guys more when I was around!! I can't wait to get my own :) I've been looking at adoption places around here, but there aren't too many. I hope I find one close before we move into our house!! I'm trying to figure out how to work with the Chicago one...I wish we were just a little closer lol