Monday, August 13, 2012

Contagious Cast

I'm sure every author has a clear vision of what their characters look like. I know I do when I write and also when I read. Sometimes I think up a character and they look like somebody that I've never seen before, but I usually can find an actor to put a face to. It's just more fun that way :)

So, here are my picks of who would represent the cast of Contagious based on how I imagined the characters.

Alexandra Daddario ad Orissa Penwell

Emmy Rossum as Raeya Kingsley

Gerard Butler as Dr. Padraic Sheehan

This cute little girl as Zoe. I don't know the actress' name

Zendaya Coleman as Lisa

Ashley Rickards as Sonja

Dylan O'brien as Jason

Channing Tatum as Hayden Underwood

Mehcad Brooks as Ivan Brewster

Zac Effron as Brock Callias

Rupert Grint as Rider

Ryan Kwanten as Wade

Jared Gilmore- Parker
Sophie Turner as Olivia 


  1. A big fan here...I stay up all night last night reading the 2 books. I can not wait for book 3. I imagined Gemma Arterton as Orissa and Chris Hemsworth as Hayden.

  2. for some reason Patrick Dempsey was more of who i thought of as Padrick and i'm not even a fan of Greys. lol. love your books! can't wait for the third!

  3. Omg if this was a movie it would be reallllly good and I'm sure it would also make a lot of cash!!

  4. OMG those are perfect choices. Love it. So when is book three coming out? I'm having withdrawals!!

  5. I've always imagined Dean Geyer (photos here: as Hayden, but that's just me :)