Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reaper Update

I had some free time (the power went out and class got canceled-no pharm final today woo-hoo!) so I wrote about 2,000 words in Reaper. The book was almost done at about 110,000 words but I decided I wasn't happy with the beginning and rewrote it (and made it twice as long... oops lol). I still have a few things to add to the beginning to 'patch' it what I had already written and then write the end. It really shouldn't take long!

I'm very excited about it!! It was fun to write this one; I like having Anora and Ethan's relationship already established. Yea, the falling in love is fun to write, but I like the trivial dramas established relationships go through. Maybe it's because I'm married and I can relate more. I don't really like focusing on falling in love either; I like having that love interest for sure, but I like the story to focus on magic and demons more than love. I don't want the point of the book to be about finding a boyfriend, basically.

Anora has a hard time accepting herself, and I tried to keep a general theme of self acceptance throughout the book (and the series, eventually). It's about finding the courage to believe in yourself and not giving up when someone tells you that you can't do something. Yea, Anora loves Ethan more than anything, but she doesn't need him to survive. In the end, she's the one who can kick more ass. Obviously, that's how I like my girls!

I'm also going through Contagious and re-looking at some things the editor suggested. Don't worry, the plot WILL NOT change. I know I had a bad habit of not saying who was talking in conversations, so that was fixed and some of the things Orissa says were slightly reworded. I guess she comes off a lot gruffer to others than she does in my head.

My lame comparison is Orissa is like Buffy in season one. She's scared and self conscious but instead of showing it, she over compensates and comes off as bitchy. As the books go on, Orissa comes to terms with herself and her flaws and stops trying so hard. Orissa felt like she had to prove to her grandpa was was just as tough as him, and built herself a tough exterior. She realizes that she doesn't have to do that anymore.

A friend told me that the 'drama' started up again on the Contagious review. I haven't had a chance to look at it (and I really don't care lol) but it's funny because whenever that craziness goes on, my book sales go up and I get tons of blog views with amazon as the referring site. So...thanks! I'm thinking people are curious as to what everyone is talking about.

I'm thinking about getting new covers for the GL series. I just love the work SweetDreams does so much I want more by her lol. :) We had really bad storms last night and this morning. On my way to school (power was out all over town) the clouds looked just like they do on DC's cover. It freaked me out and then I started thinking that a 'natural' power outage would be good cover for the ZA. The city would just never fix it...we'd be out of food, water, and gas. We'd be siting at home, just waiting for stuff to get back to normal and it never would! I think I'm getting a little too into the books. I feel like need to start preparing now :)


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    I love your blog! -Lori

    1. Thank you! I better step it up a notch then too ;)