Monday, July 2, 2012

Cover reveal!

I hired a cover artist (obviously) to make new covers for the entire trilogy. I really like it :) I know the girl isn't a picture-perfect Orissa, but I think it captures her attitude pretty well. In my head Orissa always wears pants lol but the face looks just like how I imagined her! I'm very excited about it! :D I've seen DC's cover and it's pretty freaking awesome as well. I'll post that one a little later.

Also, Contagious is being officially edited! I'm super excited about that too. I'll have him go through DC too, and TTIC before it's released. From now on, you guys can expect better editing. You really can't edit your own work, and I learned that the hard way. I've learned so much since I first published in October. From editing to covers to marketing, it has been a nonstop learning experience. I've met some awesome, amazing people along the way, and I am ever so grateful for their support, advice, and friendship. :)

Here is the link for the cover artist's DA account. I recommend her to anyone! She is very polite, professional and a joy to work with!!


  1. Love the cover it totally captures Orrissas awesomness and her kick a** attitude. Great job to the artist.