Friday, June 22, 2012

Who you gonna call?

I decided that I needed a lazy day. Well, not a day, I suppose, just a few hours. After 3 weeks of nursing school that included my first code situation (I got to do CPR!), I feel like doing nothing at all. So here I sit in my smiling snowman pajama pants watching TV and blogging. I just discovered the show Haunted Collector. There are a ton of paranormal investigation shows on TV and this is one of the better, in my opinion.

I've been interested (obsessed is more truthful...) in the paranormal since I first learned what  a ghost was. I've had many, many weird experiences and have seen, heard, and felt my far share of unexplained incidences. I started doing my own investigations when I was 13. I would ask for EMF meters, digital voice recorders, video cameras, and such for Christmas and my birthday. I broke into more abandoned buildings and houses than I can count.

It was no doubt stupid of me. A group of teenage girls going into an abandoned county home (also called an insane asylum...) in the middle of the night isn't safe on its own. And we didn't notice the asbestos warning signs until AFTER we spend several hours inside. And then there were the times my friends were to scared to go into the darkness of the debris covered halls and I'd go on my own.

Looking back now, I can say I was a little reckless, but I also had some balls! I never let the fear of the unknown stop me from seeking out what I found curious. I had (and still have) an obsession to find what is 'out there'. Last year, I had the awesome experience of investigating an old jail that was converted to a museum and filled with haunted items.

I'm pretty critical when I'm watching ghost shows. I'm no expert by any means, but I find it hard but not to discredit all the 'weird' noises heard when the ghost hunters have a camera crew following them around. I find it really funny when grown men with said camera crew get super scared when they hear a noise. I'm not saying that spirits are harmless, but come on, are supposed to be ghost hunters and you're freaking out because a door closed! Yea, loud sudden noises are startling...but really?! Running away is a little dramatic.

My best friend A and I had the idea to start our own ghost hunting show with all female hunters since there aren't any shows currently featuring women. Why are the lead investigators always men?? A was going to start a youtube channel and everything. Obviously that didn't happen...yet ;)

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