Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's in a name?

Many of my characters were named very carefully. A lot of characters are named after people (friends and family members, for example, who want to 'be in' my stories). Other names are given after much research and are based more on the meaning of the name, rather than the name itself. I though you might find it interesting to see the 'secret' meanings of some of the names.

In the Contagium Trilogy:
*There are siblings Jason and Sonja. Both names use the same letters. 
*Heart of gold Dr. Padraic's name fittingly means 'noble'. 
*Zoe means 'life'
*Raeya (actually spelled Raya) means 'friend'
* Dr. Cara is named after a friend
*I named Hayden Hayden because I wanted something sorta 'modern' and different.  His middle name-James-is named after my dear friend Megan's son.
*There are characters named after my sisters and my niece as well
*Orissa's middle name is my BFF's middle name

In Beyond the Sea
*Peter means rock or stone (sinks in water...it is mentioned in the book and makes sense)
*Melia, Nyneve, and Nerina are names from mythology
*Ever single water 'creature' in this book name has a meaning. It will be a post of its own to write them all...I might do that another time.

In The Guardian Legacies
*Anora means light
*Ethan means strong
*Laney is named after a friend
*Estelle means star
*Rene is named after a friend

That is a very short list of the important character names. I pay more attention to the meaning of names in my fantasy books, I'm not sure why but I do lol. You might be able to figure out a bit about a new character just by researching their name. :)

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