Saturday, May 12, 2012

DC Update

I've been working hard on edits. Ugh. I hate editing! It's not much fun...I'd rather write book #3 :) Anyway, I was able to cut out about 2,000 words-not as many as I'd hoped I could cut out. It's hard for me to take stuff out because (of course) I think everything I write is important lol. There is a lot of action in this book but there is a lot of conversation and downtime as well.

Anyway, I would love to give out ARC copies for review. Comment below if you are interested! The deal is that you have to get the book read by June (DC will be available June 1st) and post a review on either B&N, or (and preferably) I don't really understand why, but the more reviews the more some people are willing to buy your book.

Personally, unless a book has numerous scathing reviews, what other people thought about it doesn't impact my decision to buy and read it or not. I could go off on a whole other post (again) about what I think about that. But I won't. ;)


  1. I would love to read an early copy and post a review, as well as help edit if you need help with simple grammatical errors and spelling editing.

  2. Not much needed cut. Most was important to character and story building. I'm ready for book 3 as well. LOL. Also I know I was a beta but if you lack volunteers for the ARC just send one my way. More than happy to read the polished version and review EVERYWHERE!!!
    Lori Parker

  3. I would love to read an early release of the book and leave a review. I've been anxiously awaiting this books release!

    Amanda Chandler

  4. I would love to read an early copy and post a review! I have a lot of down time and would love to help!
    -Megan Rutherford