Sunday, March 4, 2012


I wish I never set 'release dates' for my books. I'm worried I won't get them done in time and I'll feel like I've let others and myself down. Honestly, I've been very easily distracted lately. I need to turn off the wifi. Damn you internet!!

I went over the rest of Deathly Contagious. I'm really excited with the way it is going. Once it's written, there are a few things I need to change b/c I changed my mind while writing. That might take longer than I'd like :( Another problem I have is wanting to write three books at a time. I love the zombie series sooo much but I've been thinking about some cool ideas for the rest of the GL series too. And more about the sequel to Beyond the Sea...see what I mean?


That's my goal right now...I don't want to let myself do ANYTHING until I've written at least 5,000 words! (must stay off of

Also, I'd like to add that I updated the MS of Contagious on to one with improved editing. There were a lot of overlooked grammar/spelling/misused words and I apologize to those who it bothered while reading the story!

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