Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deathly Contagious

Deathly Contagious is the second book in The Contagium Trilogy. I currently have over 100 pages written on word, coming in at about 60,000 words. This book is going to be a little bit longer than the first, though, ideally, I'd like to have all three be about the same length. But a lot happens in this book.

Of course, there is a lot of zombie killing action. The plot starts to get thick and things are revealed that-hopefully-will be surprising. You will also get to know the characters better in this book and some of the more minor characters in the first book are brought into the main scheme of things.

As you saw in the first book, Orissa begins to do some self evaluation and tries to be a good person. She grows in the second book even more, but, don't worry, she still is just as kick ass, tough and bitchy as ever! That's what I love about her!

I'll probably post a section or two from it in the near future. If all goes as planned, I *should* be done in a month or two. I don't think my school work is going to be as intense as it has been. Fingers crossed I have plenty of writing time!!

Also, (and obviously) I changed my blog background to be zombie themed! Am I lame? More than likely... :)

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