Sunday, February 26, 2012


If you know me, then you know that I have been a fan of Buffy since the beginning. I have all 7 seasons (and the movie) on DVD, used to dress like Buffy and do my hair like Buffy, have several wooden stakes and named one of my ferrets Spike. Also, some of the first 'stories' I ever wrote were Buffy fanfic. Lame...I suppose I am :)

Anyway, I woke up and saw this review on

 "Normally, I don't have anything to do with zombies as I find them terrifying. However, the reviews for this book were so positive that I decided to take a chance and get over my fear and overactive imagination. I could not stop reading once I started and finished the book in a few hours. Orissa is the Buffy for zombies. The characters were likeable and I was actually sad when some of them did not make it. The action was great and unpredictable. Glad I read this and I look forward to the next books."

Having someone compare one of my characters to Buffy is so incredibly flattering. I never even thought of Orissa in that way, but, I see how she is. I posted a few weeks ago about how it bothers me that weak, whinny, needs-a-guy girls are the stars of books. What is that teaching young girls? I won't get into that because if I do this will turn into a novel of a post (again).

Anyway, I wanted to share that review because it's more fun to be excited with others. :) It's nice out today (almost fifty degrees and sunny) so I'm gonna enjoy it and take the dog for a walk. 


  1. very good reading for sure :) my question for the author is what spawned your motivation for this particular book and where do you find these characters are they based from your life or which is it?

  2. What spawned the motivation for this book is kinda odd, I'll admit. I had a weird dream that involved me taking my dog to a hospital/German Shepherd luxury hotel along a really pretty beach. I had to get my appendix removed and I had the option to have it either replaced with either pot roast of pasta salad. Of course I chose pot roast! To make a very long, strange story short, after the surgery, the hospital was overrun with zombies. A hot Irish doctor (the basis for the character Padraic) was going around with a 'head clamp-per' device killing crazy people. I woke up and wanted to write a book about zombies that started out as crazies.

    Raeya is based off of one of my best friends; she even came up with some of Ray's dialogue. As for Orissa, I wanted a very flawed, very much less-than-perfect character who can kick a lot of ass and take care of herself. I have the utmost respect for our military and have a few friends in the armed forces so I wanted to have some awesome, zombie ass-kicking soldiers as well. A lot of my characters (in all my books) have traits of real people. I'm not sure why but I like including real-life stuff in my books. The rest of the characters not based on anyone IRL really just developed as I wrote.

    I wish I could explain that process, but I can't :) It just comes to me!