Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Contagious is done!! It's about 120,300 words...a bit longer than I intended, I'll admit. I just couldn't stop writing :) I'm very excited about this book! There is a lot of action, so it seems to go by fast when reading...or so I think lol. I've gone through a little over half to see if I thought it needed revisions (I did add a few/take out a few things).

I started this book around Halloween. I can't believe I got it done this fast. I haven't done much else other than write lol. It would take about a week or two until I get it back from the editors and hopefully not much longer until I get my cover art. I've been email back and forth with a very talented digital artist and am anxiously waiting to hear back from her.

I was thinking of maybe doing a basic, no picture cover once the book is edited and change it and have a 'cover realease' dealy once I get my cover. Idk...maybe I should be patient, which is hard to do since I'm so excited about it! :)

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